From our Vice Principal

Monthly PBIS Update
Compton's attendance rate is currently at 95.5%. This is an increase of 0.4% from last year, which is fantastic! Please continue to make sure your child is coming to school every day! If they are sick with a fever or vomiting, keep them home. Otherwise, they need to be at school. 
The amount of referrals in November continued to decrease each day at an average of 1.9 per day. In September the average was 4.6 referrals a day. In October, the average was 5 referrals a day. We are continuing to work toward more positive behavior.
Game Room
The long awaited moment has finally arrived. Compton now has a game roo! Inside there are various gaming systems and table games. Student are loving it so far- but we're not done yet. We have a full sized air hockey table coming, as well as, several more gaming systems. Students have several opportunities to use the game room:
   1. Every month, the advisory classes with the highest attendance rates get to during 1st period.
   2. Each week at lunch time, the game room will be open for different groups, such as: students with perfect           attendance, no referrals, 4.0 GPAs, etc.
   3. Teachers can bring their classes to the game room as an incentive for meeting a goal as a class. That goal       may be behavioral, academic or attendance based.
If your students has good grades, good attendance and no referrals and they will be able to attend the game room often!