From our Vice Principal

Monthly PBIS update:


Compton’s current attendance rate is 94.1%, which is an decrease of 0.5% from last month.  Please continue to send your student to school every day! Students that are really sick with fever, vomiting or diarrhea, need to stay home.  Students with running noses, scratchy throats or they just don’t want to- NEED to be at school! We are in the home stretch for 8th graders. If your student has around 10 absences, he/she is at risk of not graduating because of missing too much school.


In the month of March, there was an average of 3.8 referrals a day which is an increase since February where we had 2.1 referrals a day. Students, especially 8th Grade Students who want to participate in the end of the year activities and the last two monthly incentives must have zero referrals, no tardies, and 96% or better attendance. To those students who have been keeping up the good work, you are noticed and we appreciate you!


End of the Year Activities:

The end of the year is quickly approaching.  There are many fun things to look forward to.  Eighth graders have the end of the year picnic, Magic Mountain and graduation coming.  7th graders have the end of the year fun activities/field day to look forward to. We want all students to be able to enjoy these end of the year activities.  Not all students get to go, however. Any student that receives a referral from now until the end of the year risks their attendance at these events. Any student that receives a referral for fighting or for drugs or alcohol will not be able to participate.  Other referrals will be reviewed on a case by case basis.